Zionist Arab puts hostage photos, Israeli flag outside Rashida Tlaib’s office

Dec 15, 2023 | Hostages, Voices

Yosef Haddad, an Arab Israeli Zionist activist, posted a video of his putting up photos of hostages in front of the office of Progressive Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and hanging an Israeli flag over her Palestinian one.

Haddad introduced the post and the video by saying, “This is what happened when I got to hang the posters of the hostages on the door of Rashida Tlaib’s office.”

He stood in front of the congresswoman’s office and called her antisemitic because Tlaib “refused to condemn the terrorist organization Hamas…and turns a blind eye to the atrocities Hamas committed on the 7th of October.”

Haddad held up posters of Israeli child hostages, “Those children were kidnapped by Hamas, and Rashida Tlaib doesn’t say anything…anything? Seriously?

Haddad then stuck the posters on the wall outside of her office and said, “Here, I’m putting up these posters for her so she doesn’t forget that there are babies in Gaza kidnapped by Hamas…maybe this (the poster) will make her change her mind.”

He spoke to the camera, addressing Rashida Tlaib, “Don’t be a hypocrite. Stop lying. Call for the immediate release of the hostages in Gaza…the release of every hostage kidnapped by the terrorist organization.”

Haddad then unfurled an Israeli flag and said, “If you want to free Palestinians, free them from the terrorist organization Hamas.”

“Oh and Rashida Tlaib you should be ashamed. Even today you haven’t deleted your tweet about the hospital. People who follow you today will think that Israel bombed the hospital and killed 500 Palestinians when of course you know it was Islamic Jihad. Shame on you Rashida Tlaib.”

He then put the Israeli flag on her door, cover the Palestinian one and said, “I really hope she doesn’t take this down.

However, 5 minutes later, not only had the Israeli flag disappeared, but the pictures of the hostages were also taken down.

Hadid repeated, “Shame on you Rashida Tlaib.”

In addition to not rescinding her false accusation that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza, Tlaib has also refused to condemn Hamas for the October 7th massacre and didn’t apologize for using the expression, “From the River to the Sea,” a chant that calls for the elimination of Israel.

As a result, Congress passed a motion in early November to censure Rashida Tlaib for her statements and actions.

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