“This is the face of a “white colonizer” Except there’s nothing white about me”

Nov 24, 2023 | Videos, History

Transcribed from video on Instagram

“This is the face of a “white colonizer” Except there’s nothing white about me.

My family has been living in the land of Israel for actual centuries, but that’s not convenient with that narrative.

I come from a long line of Jews who have been living on this land long before and after it was named Palestine by actual colonizers, the British and the Romans, to name a few.

During that time, my Jewish ancestors were also called Palestinian. A label that was given to all inhabitants of the region, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Our shared identity under colonial rule with other inhabitants of the region is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of our history.

It shows that Zionism, our return to our ancestral homeland, which my family has never left, is an act of decolonization, and although we’ve coexisted and evolved alongside countless diasporas throughout the years…

Jews are not white. We may come from every possible combination of DNA on the human spectrum, but our Jewish lineage keeps us connected to one another and to the land of Israel.

So when you think of us, remember we come in all colors and we’ve been on this land long before modern political narratives started shaping and reshaping our history.”

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