The Israel-Hamas conflict hits home

Nov 6, 2023 | Read Now, Trending

A Westchester public relations, advertising, marketing and media specialist has been proactive in organizing support for Israel from the business and entertainment communities. Adam Brill is senior director, communications and crisis management at Harrison Edwards in Armonk. He responded to what happened on Oct. 7 through joining in the creation of a new organization, People4Peace.


“This is the largest assault on the Jewish people since the holocaust,” Brill told the Business Journal. “We are a group of diverse professionals who came together after the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s response. We are volunteers, we represent the media, we represent law, education, science, psychology, government and public relations. We’re based in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C, and Haifa. We are a group that includes Hollywood producers Peter Samuelson and Jonathan Prince, the former editor of Variety magazine Jonathan Taylor and others.”

Samuelson said, “Hamas has time and again rejected peace with Israel, instead using Palestinian civilians as human shields — a war crime. Hamas is the greatest threat to Palestinian self-determination and the Palestinian right to live in dignity and peaceful coexistence with its neighbor. Israel cannot negotiate with the murderers of its children. There cannot be peace until Hamas is eliminated.”

Brill said that the People4Peace website is operational ( He said that he was asked to join in forming the organization to help get its message out across the nation that what Israel is doing is justified. He said that they want to see the Palestinians come to the table and work out a true peace in the region.

“Our coalition is going to use traditional media, digital channels, social platforms to emphasize what Hamas’ stated goal is, which is the genocide of the Jewish people. We have to take on this narrative. There is so much misinformation, so much disinformation. People are reinventing history. They’re creating all kinds of narratives that seek to put Israel as a colonizer.”

Brill pointed out that Hamas, which controls Gaza, does not celebrate human rights, equal rights, civil rights and gay rights.

“Israel is the only democracy there that promotes all of that, yet there are so many splinter groups here that are preaching ideas that there are all these rights there in Gaza and that the people are being unfairly controlled by Israel and, sadly, it’s just not accurate.”


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