‘Son of Hamas’ joins Israeli public diplomacy campaign

Feb 8, 2024 | History, Voices

Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as “The Green Prince,” the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has joined Israel’s public diplomacy campaign amid Israel’s war against the terror group.

Yousef, who rejected terrorism and went to work helping fight against it, arrived in Israel and toured the areas of the Oct. 7 massacre in the Western Negev.

Referring to Hamas’s Charter calling for the genocide of Jews, he said, “The people that wrote the Hamas Covenant are a bunch of lunatics,” adding, “The Arab world needs to pay attention to the dangers within.”

Hamas, he said, “does not care about people. In effect, they are sacrificing the lives of children and non-combatants in order to achieve cheap political goals. The concept of jihad must be stopped, and it must be stopped now.”

Yousef has been a vocal critic of any negotiations with Hamas and since Oct. 7 has called on Israel to destroy the terror group.

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“Hamas must have a timeframe—a month or two or six months—to return the hostages, and if they don’t return the hostages within the time frame, Israel must execute top Hamas leaders in prison, especially the mass murderers,” said Yousef in a video message posted online.

“When I say execute top Hamas leaders, I mean no exceptions. That includes my own father, the co-founder of the Hamas movement. In this war, there are no exceptions,” added Yousef. “I made a mistake, 10 or 15 years ago, when I saved his life many times…he was supposed to die for his actions. I saved his life. Things did not change, things got worse,” he added.

He warned that Hamas is intentionally dragging out negotiations to extend the ceasefire with Israel.

“Hamas is going nowhere, and if we continue to negotiate with them, they will continue stretching these negotiations, taking us into a rabbit hole that will never end. And this is their goal: to get away with their crimes. We cannot allow this to happen,” he stressed.

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