Son of Hamas Co-Founder Calls for Israel to Kill His Father Along With All Terror Group Chiefs in Gaza, Qatar

Dec 1, 2023 | Read Now, Voices

The disowned son of a Hamas co-founder on Thursday evening called on Israel to kill his father along with all leaders of the Palestinian terror group, saying that failure to do so would result in the terrorists “ethnically cleansing humanity.”

Mosab Hassan Yousef — the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who was most recently released from an Israeli prison in July of this year after spending 21 months in detention — said that it was incumbent on Israel to set a definitive timeline for the release of all hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, and that if the timeline is not met, the country should proceed to eliminate top Hamas leaders, including his own father.

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Yousef warned that now that most of the women and children had been returned, Hamas was likely to attempt to extend the truce as long as possible so that it could recalibrate and rearm. The rest of the hostages still in Gaza, averred Yousef, should be treated as “war prisoners” and Israel’s efforts should be centered on eradicating the terror group.

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Hamas “ethnically cleansed close to 20 communities based on their race, ethnicity, and religion, and this is what defines genocide,” he said of Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre.

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“Their first crime was genocide. Their second crime was taking human shields,”

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“There’s a big difference,” he said, and added that the war “should not be measured by how many died on each side.”

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“They lied when they said they are a Palestinian resistance group,” Yousef said of Hamas. “They are a religious group waging holy war against the whole world, not only Israel. They want to dominate the globe.”

View a YouTube video of the full hour plus talk by Mosab Hassan Yousef (Courtesy of CBN News).

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