Sheryl Sandberg: Something we can all agree on: Rape should never be used as an act of war.

Nov 21, 2023 | Humanitarianism, Videos

Sheryl Sandberg penned an Op-ed for CNN that highlights the most heinous violence of the Hamas terrorists against women and children. It accompanies a CNN video that details some of the vicious sexual violence. Read excerpts of the Op-ed below:

Rape should never be used as an act of war.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists committed unspeakable atrocities that we must speak about — and speak about loudly. Numerous witnesses have testified that sexual violence was widespread on that day, according to reports by Israeli investigators. An eyewitness has recounted the horror of watching a fellow concert-goer being gang-raped, then murdered. Rescue workers have reported recovering lifeless bodies, naked with their legs spread.

[Lean In Founder and former Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s CNN Commentary continues]

US leaders on both sides of the aisle, especially women, have taken a strong stand against the use of rape as a tactic of war. In 1995, then first lady and future secretary of state Hillary Clinton traveled to China, and in her famous “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” speech, insisted that “it is a violation of human rights … when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war.” In 2008, addressing the use of sexual violence in armed conflict, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that “rape is a crime that can never be condoned.” The world agreed.

Not loudly condemning the rapes of October 7 — or any rapes — is a massive step backward for the women — and men — of the world.

[Sandberg continues her CNN Op-ed]

No matter what you believe should happen in the Middle East — I personally support a two-state solution where a Palestinian state and Israel co-exist so that both their populations can enjoy peace and security — we can surely unite against these atrocities. We can each “be a witness” and together call out this unacceptable horror and unimaginable suffering.

[Lean In Founder and former Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s CNN Commentary concludes]

We must denounce these rapes in every conversation, at every rally, and on signs held on every street corner. We must forget our conflicting politics and remember our common humanity.

Read the entire op-ed by Meta/ Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, the founder of Lean In ( and view the CNN video detailing the sexual violence