NYU Professor: Israel Is Seen As “Ground Zero For Whiteness” By Far-Left On Campus

Apr 23, 2024 | Videos, Voices

“Incorrectly, students conflate the civil rights movement with what is going on in Palestine and have digressed, unfortunately, because of an orthodoxy promoted by many of my colleagues that there are the oppressors and the oppressed,” he said. “And how you identify oppressors is how white and how rich they are. Fairly or unfairly, Israel is seen as ground zero for whiteness in how wealthy they are.”

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SCOTT GALLOWAY: It’s complicated. I think, one, young people have a healthy gag reflex on what people our age think. I think that’s healthy.

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While it might sound paranoid, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong, I think we are being manipulated, specifically the youth, whose frame for the world is TikTok. If you look at TikTok, there are 52 videos that are pro-Hamas or pro-Palestinian for every one served on Israel. I think we’re being manipulated. I think Americans are easier to fool than to convince they’re been fooled. If I were the CCP, I’d do exactly the same thing. Social media is sowing division and polarization in our society.

Well, Jordan was coordinating anti-drone and missile technology airborne, coordinating with Israel. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it ends up, was supportive of Israel. I’d ask these far-left groups on campus, what do their Arab brothers and sisters know that you don’t?

This is, like I said, I’ve absolutely never seen anything like it. It is rattling to Jews across the nation. I’d like to think that America is steadfast here. I think the Biden administration has done a great job. But I think young people, over time, will look back and regret their views on it. Again, I think there are outside forces at work here.

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