‘Mum it’s Daria…dad has been murdered’

Oct 4, 2023 | Hostages, Humanitarianism

Mother shares heartbreaking messages from her children after their father was gunned down in front of them by Hamas terrorists who stormed his home during Israel attacks.


A mother has shared the heartbreaking messages she received from her children moments after their father was brutally murdered in front of them by Hamas terrorists.



Reut Karp took to Facebook on Sunday to reveal the final messages sent by her husband, Dvir, before he was killed in one of many surprise attacks launched by the terrorist group in Israel.

In the exchange, 46-year-old Dvir says: ‘There’s a big mess here’, before adding ‘There is a heavy shooting in the kibbutz’.

Concerned for the safety of her husband and children who were with their father, Reut replied: ‘Shooting? Inside the kibbutz?’

He said: ‘Yes. That’s how it sounds’.

Referring to her children, Reut then replies: ‘She wrote that she’s in a safe place. Orly is calming down Lia’.

But in a devastating turn of events, Reut’s daughter writes back: ‘Mom, it’s Daria… Dad has been murdered. Stav too. Help’.

Sharing the correspondence, Reut wrote on social media: ‘My last messages with my husband, the father of my children, Dvir Karp.

‘Dvir Karp RIP 1977 – 2023 Rest in peace’.

Hamas launched a surprise assault on Israel on Saturday, that has so far killed more than 700 Israelis and injured 1,200.

Meanwhile, more than 100 Israelis are being held captive, a senior Hamas official said yesterday.


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