Montana Tucker: ‘It’s us against the world, and we will prevail’

May 17, 2024 | Trending, Voices

American artist and influencer Montana Tucker on Friday participated in a ‘NOVA’ dance tribute in Kibbutz Re’im in memory of the victims of Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre.

Tucker was joined by survivors of the Supernova music festival, where Palestinian terrorists killed 364 revelers, and members of the Israeli Dance Studio, which lost four people in the terror invasion.

“Lately, I have been separating my music and my activism. This gave me a way to bring the two together. Not only will we dance again, we’re dancing again now,” Tucker told JNS on Thursday.

As part of her trip to Israel organized by the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), Tucker will be meeting with survivors, displaced children from Israel’s north and south and relatives of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

On Saturday, she will sing Israel’s national anthem (‘Hatikva’) in Tel Aviv’s Hostage Square at the weekly rally demanding their release.

“I sang Hatikva many times but never in Israel. It is so special and powerful to be singing it, especially in Hostage Square with the families of the captives,” Tucker said.

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Tucker, who addressed nearly 300,000 supporters of Israel at a Washington rally in November, said Jews in America have come together in a way that has rarely been seen before.

“Most Jews are trying to fight this, every single one of us. We need to understand that it does not matter if you are one percent Jewish or don’t support Israel. If you were Jewish during the Holocaust, you had no power. Never again is now,” Tucker said.

Her message to the people of Israel and world Jewry is one of hope and longing for brighter days.

“We might be small, but we are mighty. For centuries, people have tried to wipe Jews from the face of Earth. We always survived and persevered,” Tucker said.

“We are strong and resilient. We must unite, stand together. It’s us against the world and we will prevail,” she added.

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