Loay Alshareef Post

Apr 23, 2024 | Read Now, Voices

Dear White Americans and Gen Zs who support or tolerate Hamas supporters on US campuses, a gentle reminder from a credible Arab Muslim voice from the Middle East: You are supporting a terror group with the same Islamist/ Muslim brotherhood pathological creed that brought down the twin towers in Manhattan in 2001. You would not survive a day in Gaza under Hamas, which demands that ‘infidels’ live with dignity only if they are subordinate to Islamists. You would not endure a day under the rule of these radicals.

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only to exploit the freedoms there to engage in activities that will ultimately endanger you as well? Take it from someone who knows how much hate this ideology instills in your heart, listen to those who overcome it. I am a credible voice who understands the region, the religions, and the language. I implore you to wake up because you are next. With concern, Loay Alshareef

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