Jewish Reality Star Julia Haart Rails Against Liberals, Feminists, LGBTQ+ Community for Not Condemning Hamas

Dec 29, 2023 | Videos, Voices

Julia Haart, a fashion designer and author who stars in the Netflix show My Unorthodox Life, told Israeli media on Thursday that she is frustrated that some feminists and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community refuse to condemn the Hamas terrorist organization that perpetrated the Oct. 7 deadly massacre in southern Israel.

Haart, who is also the co-owner of the international fashion talent management Elite World Group, is in Israel with some of her children touring the country and the Gaza Strip to learn firsthand about the Hamas atrocities that took place in October. She traveled with troops from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to Gaza and filmed footage of civilian homes that housed weapons used to attack Israel, such as grenades, bombs, and rocket launchers. She also met with families of those taken hostage by Hamas on Oct. 7 and spoke with an Arab Muslim commander in the IDF who denounced the actions of Hamas.

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Haart’s journey of leaving the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is explained in My Unorthodox Life. She has four children, who include a non-religious bisexual app creator and a Shabbat-observant Instagram influencer and TikToker. The show’s second season premiered on Netflix in Dec. 2022.

The entrepreneur told ILTV that she hopes to continue using her fame and public platform to support Israel and help the world learn the truth about the Jewish state during its ongoing war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “I needed to come here; I needed to show my physical support,” she said. “I needed to let people know that this country is a bastion of democracy and freedom, and that I will stand behind it with every ounce of strength in my body.”

“I believe in destiny and fate, and I think perhaps all the fame that we acquired may be for this particular reason,” she added. “Maybe the reason my Netflix show was successful, maybe the reason I had to become a public figure, was so the day that the Jewish people were in danger, I could utilize my voice, and my children could do the same, to help klal Israel [the nation of Israel]. To be sitting on my couch yelling would not have the same effect.”

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