Israel-Hamas War U.N. Court Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide, but Does Not Demand Stop to War

Jan 26, 2024 | Read Now, Trending

Here are the latest developments.

The United Nations’ highest court said on Friday that Israel must take action to prevent acts of genocide by its forces in Gaza and must let more aid into the enclave. But the court did not call on Israel to immediately suspend its military campaign.

The ruling, by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, was an initial step in a case brought by South Africa that accuses Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. Though the court has no means of enforcement, the closely watched case has deep resonance for both sides, and added to international pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel’s war against Hamas.

Initial reaction among Palestinians was mixed, with the Palestinian Foreign Ministry saying the court had “ruled in favor of humanity and international law,” while some people criticized the judges for not ordering a stop to the war.

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In a packed courtroom earlier this month, lawyers for South Africa argued that Israel had meant to “create conditions of death” in Gaza and demanded that the court order an emergency suspension of the military campaign.

Israel’s lawyers argued that the country’s military had worked to preserve civilian lives in Gaza. Israel also said it had given civilians two weeks to leave northern Gaza before invading in late October and, after freezing aid delivery at the start of the war, later enabled its daily supply.

In its 29-page interim ruling, the court said that Israel must take actions to ensure that its soldiers and citizens adhere to the U.N. genocide convention, and must report back within a month to show how it is complying with the instructions.

The court is not expected to issue a ruling on the broader genocide charge for years.

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