‘If this is a siege, let me live in a siege’ – journalist describes luxury living in Gaza

Jan 15, 2024 | History, Voices

After spending over three months fighting Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip, Channel 13 correspondent Roi Yanovsky posted online Monday about the luxurious conditions he witnessed in Gaza City that contrasted sharply with the way life in the coastal enclave is usually described.

“Some first impressions after 100 days of reserve duty ended officially yesterday,” he began. “Gaza is seen as a backward area, ‘the most crowded in the world’ that has been under Israeli ‘siege’ for years. There is no bigger lie than this. Gaza is a modern, beautiful and developed city – with large and well-equipped houses, wide boulevards, public spaces, a promenade by the sea, and parks. It looks much better than any Arab city from the Jordan River to the sea; it resembles Tel Aviv far more than Kafr Qassem or Umm Al Fahm.”

“And of course it’s very far from being ‘the most crowded in the world,” he continued, an allusion to how the city is regularly although incorrectly described by foreign media.

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There is a map of Israel in almost every home, school and public institution that simply calls the whole land “Palestine” in which no Jewish city exists, he wrote. It is part of Hamas’ ideology that the Gazans have imbibed “since age zero.”

Remal in Gaza Strip Luxury Life for Laughing Palestinians

Does this look like an “open-air prison” to you?

Does this sound like an “ongoing genocide” for 40 years:

“Each of Gaza City’s 10 neighbourhoods have their own rhythm and reputation. There’s the Remal neighbourhood,… pic.twitter.com/88Z3JI4Wq5

— James Porrazzo (@JamesPorrazzo) October 12, 2023
In addition, “In all the neighborhoods we were in, there are ready-made Hamas military compounds – weapons, tunnels, explosives, launch sites, all inside residential houses.”

There is no way that the residents didn’t realize what Hamas was doing, Yanovsky continued.

“I find it hard to believe that the parents in the kindergarten where there was a tunnel shaft in one of the places we were in didn’t know that. Who chooses to send their children to a kindergarten that is used as a terrorist infrastructure?” he asked.

Despite all the negative stories you read #Ireland, in #TheGazaYouDontSee the business confidence is booming for those with money.
The new Infinity Café opening soon in Gaza City, is right next to the new Motor One luxury car showroom on al-Rashid St. Roundabout 17 Gaza City. pic.twitter.com/2ikiTOo8vE

— Kilkenny Friends of Israel   (@KilkennyOf) August 22, 2023
The IDF has said that on average, every other house in Gaza is a legitimate military target due to the weaponry or terror tunnel entrances found within them.

A residential villa in Khan Younes, south Gaza Strip, before 7 October 23.#TheGazaYouDontSeehttps://t.co/USTvoIwjxj pic.twitter.com/Z6GhzYo0Cm

— Imshin (@imshin) January 15, 2024
Israel told all civilians to leave Gaza City, he reminded his readers, to prevent their being hurt or killed, and the announcements are still plastered everywhere in the area. Therefore, “Those who decided to stay in the combat zones are either Hamas members in various positions or people who consciously decided to stay in the areas used by Hamas for combat, and what happens is their own fault.”

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