Hamas leader refuses to acknowledge killing of civilians in Israel

Nov 7, 2023 | Trending

A senior Hamas leader has refused to acknowledge that his group killed civilians in Israel, claiming only conscripts were targeted.


Moussa Abu Marzouk told the BBC that “women, children and civilians were exempt” from Hamas’s attacks.

His claims are in stark contrast to the wealth of evidence of Hamas men shooting unarmed adults and children.

The proof includes video from Hamas body cameras and first-hand testimony given to international news networks.

Israel says more than 1,400 people were killed by Hamas in the 7 October attacks, most of them civilians.

Mr Marzouk, the group’s deputy political leader, who is subject to an asset freeze in the UK under counter-terrorism regulations, was interviewed on Saturday in the Gulf. He is the most senior member to speak to the BBC since the 7 October atrocities.

The BBC pressed Mr Marzouk on the war on Gaza, specifically on the scores of hostages being held inside the territory.


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