Friends star says Hamas rape deniers ‘re-traumatize survivors’

Jan 1, 2024 | Hostages, Humanitarianism

In an Instagram post, former Friends star David Schwimmer strongly criticized deniers of Hamas sexual assaults on Israelis on and after October 7th.

According to forensic evidence and testimony from October 7th survivors and released hostages, Hamas terrorists committed repeated rape and mutilated genitals of both women and men.

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“I served on the Board of Directors for The Rape Foundation for almost 20 years, and have been an advocate for child and adult survivors of sexual violence for almost 30,” Schwimmer began.

He described his extensive work with children, teens, men, and women who, with proper treatment “went on to lead incredibly loving, healthy and productive lives.”

Schwimmer added, “One crucial aspect I learned early on about the healing process, and for justice to be served by the criminal offenders, is that the survivor be BELIEVED.”

He then added that while many individuals and organizations have fought on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse,  he noticed that a number of them were silent on the issue of Hamas sexual violence on October 7th.

Schwimmer wrote, “Why do so many REFUSE TO BELIEVE — despite all the evidence on camera and in testimony — the women, children, and men brutally assaulted by terrorists on Oct. 7th?”

“Where is their outrage?”

“In the weeks and months that followed, it became clear that their activism, their advocacy, is conditional.”

“They’ll fight like hell for ALL victims of sexual violence — unless they’re Jews.”

“For many of them, denying it even happened is a convenient way of avoiding compassion and personal responsibility.”

“Perhaps this article will finally make them realize they got it wrong, and come to terms with their unconscious bias.”

“Because — as they know better than most — their refusal to believe the survivors has RE-TRAUMATIZED them, as well as their families, friends, and those of us who did believe them.”

“But they can use their voice now.”

“And it would be great to know who the real allies are.”

Lahav 433 which is investigating Hamas sexual crimes on October 7th has 1,000 statements and 60,000 video clips with possible evidence of sexual violations.

In addition, doctors examining freed hostages have declared that at least 30 report having been the victim of sexual crimes and many show physical evidence of sexual abuse.

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