French Students Launch Appeal to Make Oct. 7 ‘World Day Against Antisemitism’

Jan 1, 2024 | Read Now, Voices

One of France’s leading Jewish intellectuals is promoting a petition initiated by a group of students, several from Muslim backgrounds, calling for Oct. 7  — the date of the Hamas terrorist pogrom in southern Israel in which more than 1,200 people were murdered and over 200 taken hostage — to be named as the “World Day Against Antisemitism.”

Marek Halter, a Polish-Jewish novelist and film-maker, announced his support for the petition over the weekend. “I was contacted by a few young people, mostly from immigrant backgrounds,” Halter said, according to the news outlet Valeurs Actuelles. “Upset by the events of Oct. 7 on the Gaza border, they wished to launch an appeal for this date to become a world day against antisemitism.”

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Halter earlier endorsed a separate call to recognize Oct. 7 as a day of “mass feminicide” because of the crimes of rape and sexual torture inflicted on an as yet inconclusive number of women captured by the terrorists. In a statement co-authored with actors Charlotte Gainsbourg and Isabelle Carré, Halter asserted that the “violence committed against these women corresponds in every respect to the definition of feminicide, i.e. the murder of women or girls because of their sex.”

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