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Diverse Professionals Join Forces to Highlight the Threat of Hamas Terrorists to Both the Jewish and Palestinian People and Reaffirm Israel’s Right to Exist and Defend Itself.

NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2023 – Professionals from law, media, education, science, government relations, psychology and communications unite in People4Peace to tell the stories of real people in the wake of Iran-backed terrorist organization Hamas’ horrific attacks on Israeli civilians and ongoing cross-border assaults. The coalition uses traditional media, digital channels and social platforms to also emphasize Hamas’ stated goal — the genocide of the Jewish people, which violates international law — on the one hand and the values that guide American foreign policy since World War II on the other.

On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists from Gaza invaded Israel and murdered more than 1,400 people. Children and infants were burned and beheaded in their beds, women were raped and their bodies desecrated, civilians — including the elderly and the disabled — were tortured and maimed, and 220 victims from more than 40 countries were abducted to Gaza as hostages.

Since then, the fighting has intensified and the misinformation and latent anti-semitism in this country and around the world has only grown, making the need for an organization such as People4Peace more vital.

“Even as Hamas still holds 220 hostages, fires unguided missiles at Israeli cities and perpetuates a wider war, some Americans seem to have forgotten Israel’s right to exist and defend itself against terror,” said Peter Samuelson, founder of People4Peace. “Hamas has time and again rejected peace with Israel, instead using Palestinian civilians as human shields — a war crime. Hamas is the greatest threat to Palestinian self-determination and the Palestinian right to live in dignity and peaceful coexistence with its neighbor. Israel cannot negotiate with the murderers of its children. There cannot be peace until Hamas is eliminated.”

Hamas has fired more than 10,000 unguided rockets into Israel since its October 7 terrorist attack. At least 550 Hamas missiles fell short in Gaza, many killing Palestinian civilians.

“Across social and traditional media, rampant lies and misinformation have skewed the public narrative, especially among young Americans,” said philanthropist, entrepreneur, and P4P Steering Committee member Mary Hagy. “Hamas presents a clear and present danger to the U.S., Israel, and the world.”

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About People4Peace

People4Peace informs broad audiences about the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and Israel’s response. People4Peace volunteers from media, law, education, science, psychology, government and public relations are based in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Haifa. Learn more at

Steering Committee: Peter Samuelson, Fred Klein, Corey Bearak, Mary Hagy, David Oralevich, Jonathan Taylor, David K. Haspel, Drew Westen, Joel Weinberger, Avidor Rabinovich, Bruce Lee, Deborah Heiser, Zafra Lerman, Jake Smith, Marco Ciapelli, Samantha Stone, Adam H. Brill, Shari Goldstein, Steve Posen, Shelley Simpson.


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