Follow the Money: An Examination of Qatar’s Funding of Higher Education and its Influence

May 8, 2023 | Videos, Voices

Investigations have unveiled that foreign funding significantly influences the American educational system.

Such funding introduces ideologies from abroad into our colleges including those from non-democratic regions with values contrary to Western principles.

The Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism in Policy — ISGAP — follow the money project has uncovered that Qatar emerges as the foremost foreign benefactor to U.S. universities.

Over recent years the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood has thus found its way into Academia.

Hamas, its Palestinian branch, a recognized terrorist organization by several countries including the United States responsible for the deadliest attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust on October 7th, still holding over 100 hostages in captivity, has since been endorsed and even admired on many US college campuses.

As part of the so-called fight for justice for the Palestinians, the influx of foreign capital is directly linked to the rise of anti-Semitism on the American college campus.

Recent research exposed byISGAP found the staggering scale of Qatari funding to Cornell University with over $1.95 billion dollar donated directly to the University from 2001 to 2023.

This makes Qatar the largest direct foreign donor to the university.

The overwhelming and violent anti-semitic protests of the last few weeks across American universities has brought these issues to an urgent and imperative moment that we must reckon with.

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