‘Daddy, Daddy, God, why am I alive?’ | A harrowing report from a journalist who watched raw footage of the Hamas Pogrom of 7 October

Oct 20, 2023 | Read Now, Trending

On Monday 23 October, at the IDF Glilot military base in Herzliya, alongside at least 100 journalists, I was invited to a screening, exclusive to international media.


We were warned in advance that the materials we were going to see would be raw and unedited footage, including documentation of murder and other visually gruesome materials.

We were also informed that we would not be allowed to bring phones or any other recording devices into the screening auditorium. However, we were allowed to write about what we saw…

In an exclusive interview to us at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Major Ella Waweya, the deputy commander of the IDF’s Arabic-language spokespersons’ unit, addressed Admiral Daniel Hagari’s statement that Hamas does not represent Islam and that their 7 October atrocities go against the teachings of Islam. Major Waweya, an Arab Israeli and Muslim herself, said to us ‘What Hamas did is against Islam, against humanity, against everything a human being can think of. Hamas came to kill children, to kill women, and to kill the elderly. In which religion is that written? This is not in Islam. This is not humanity. This date, 7 October, must be engraved with all humanity in all history. This is not the war of Israel, this is the war of the whole world against Hamas-Isis’. Waweya added ‘Don’t forget 7 October’.


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