Biden imposes sanctions on violent West Bank settlers in reprimand to Israel

Feb 1, 2024 | History, Read Now

They included people or entities that “have directly or indirectly engaged in actions or policies that threaten the security or stability of the West Bank,” take “actions that intimidate civilians in the West Bank with the purpose or effect of forcing displacement actions in the West Bank,” or make moves “that constitute human rights abuses or violations and actions that significantly obstruct, disrupt or prevent efforts to achieve a two-state solution.”

In December, Blinken announced U.S. visa restrictions on a number of extremist Israeli settlers.

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If past patterns hold, the new sanctions are likely to be more punishing in that they will likely include freezes on financial assets the settlers may hold in the United States, among other penalties.

The State and Treasury Departments are expected to issue details Thursday on the sanctions and how financial institutions should approach the issue, according to the documents.

The Biden administration has stepped up support for Palestinians after staunchly backing Israel’s retaliation against Hamas in Gaza, most notably by pushing for more humanitarian aid to enter the enclave.

In recent weeks, as Netanyahu’s government has stiff-armed American attempts to wind down the war and the U.S. develops “day after” scenarios, Washington has shifted its approach to weigh Palestinian concerns more.

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