Inside Hamas’ tunnels under Al Shifa Hospital

Nov 23, 2023 | Read Now, Videos

In a striking revelation, the IDF has uncovered an extensive underground network beneath Gaza’s main medical facility, Al Shifa Hospital.

This subterranean maze, crafted by Hamas, showcases a series of sophisticated and well-furnished spaces — including bathrooms, air conditioning, electrical connections and kitchen, intricately woven beneath the hospital’s foundation.

The IDF’s footage, released on a Wednesday evening (November 21, 2023), pulls back the curtain on this hidden labyrinth.

The video highlights the expansive and well-equipped nature of the Hamas tunnels.  It shows how the infrastructure below connects to the hospital’s own electricity and plumbing.

This discovery underlines the complexity and reach of such underground networks in conflict zones, particularly how they intertwine with civilian structures like major medical centers.

View the IDF footage on YouTube

View in the news article found at YNET