People4Peace Videos Tell the Truth about Hamas

Jun 9, 2024 | Videos, Read Now

Visit (re-visit) this page to view People4Peace videos including its Eyes on the Lies, Eyes on History, Eyes on the Evidence, Eyes on Evil and newest Eyes on the Protests series that tell the truth about Hamas.


Eyes on the Protests – Brainwashed
Summer Camps usually focus on fun.  Why are protestors supporting a terrorist organization that brainwashes their own children?


Eyes on the Evil – Celebrating Terror
For years, they’ve been celebrating terror. Do they really speak for you?


Eyes on the Evil – Children of Hate
The similarities between the Nazi Youth and Hamas-led military indoctrination of children is chilling and horrifying. Where’s your outrage?


Eyes on the Evidence – Hamas Weaponizes Rape
Those who Hamas terrorists on October 7 carried battle orders to do this.  Hostages still held are still being rapes, including children.


Eyes on History – Pure Evil
Against pure evil, you have to pick a side.


Eyes on History – Never Forget
Those who forget the tragedies of history are doomed to repeat them.


Eyes on the Lies – Hamas Charter
Before you march supporting modern Nazis, understand what they say they want.


Eyes on the Lies – Hamas: Modern Day Nazis
Hamas Charter calls for Genocide.


Eyes on the Lies – Dear Protester – Nova Oct 7
To the campus protesters: know the barbarians you are supporting.


Eyes on the Lies – Oct 7 (F)
Hamas policy is barbarity against civilian women, children, babies and elderly as a weapon.


Eyes on the Lies – Oct 7 (M)
Hamas barbarity on October 7th speaks truth against their lies.


October 7th (M)
You raped our sisters, you murdered our children.

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